Sunday, March 17, 2013

SXSW 2013: Saturday

I guess I always figured Austin was just a big college town. But man, it's a serious city. I know, because my legs are really sore. But I didn't realize it until just now. The endorphins really kept me going these past four days. I didn't go to too many shows on the last day of the fest, but I did do some interviews for CHIRP, including Vampire Weekend. So, that counts for a lot, in indie rock anyway. But here's the other stuff I saw.

The Thermals got everybody sweaty at the AV Club showcase at the Mohawk. The Portland trio had the most crowd-surfing I've seen in years. It took me back to high school. Even though all the dudes crowd-surfing looked about 30. Whatever. People had fun, and that's what matters. Yeah, SXSW is a corporate vampire fest, but it's also really really fun.

Baths was the gayest show I saw at the fest. I can't wait to hear his new album. Baths was actually my first podcast interview for CHIRP, so I'll always feel grateful to Will Wiesenfeld. He puts all of his energy into his Akai controller, which made for some good vibes, though not too much dancing. Baths is still just weird enough with the glitchy beats to get a crowd nodding their heads, but that's probably for the best. This the electronic music you listen to first, move to later.

My SXSW ended with Mount Kimbie, and I couldn't have asked for a better closer. They need to tour with The xx again. Set up in the center of a huge warehouse, lights and projections surrounded the band. It was a Boiler Room showcase, so hopefully video of Mount Kimbie's set will be available to watch online very soon. Death Grips, Chief Keef, Lunice, and Baauer all played after them, but I didn't stick around for any of it. The chill of Mount Kimbie just felt too perfect. I called it a week, now look forward to 2014. Now that I've done this once, I don't know how I could live with myself missing it. Go ahead Austin.

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