Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Best Music of 2012

These are my favorite albums of 2012. As usual, I will post 25-11 now, then the top 10 in a week. I'm only writing a sentence for each of these here, but just click the song link to hear what's so good about each artist listed. Of course, top 10 picks will each get a paragraph from me.

25. Chairlift - Something

Female fronted indie pop that should replace Lana Del Rey altogether.
listen: Ghost Tonight

24. Big K.R.I.T - Live from the Underground

Mainstream hip-hop that isn't heard much on the radio for some unfathomable reason.
listen: I Got This

23. El Perro Del Mar - Pale Fire

Basically the female Cold Swedish Winter.
listen: Walk On By

22. Menomena - Moms

The least detrimental lineup shake-up of the year (and surprisingly so, if I might add).
listen: Capsule

21. Chandeliers - Founding Fathers

The finest electro-kraut in Chicago
listen: Le Corsage

20. Why? - Mumps Etc

Yoni Wolf returns to weird-hop form.
listen: Paper Hearts

19. Wishmountain - Tesco

Matthew Herbert making electronic music with sounds he recorded in a grocery store.

18. The 2 Bears - Be Strong

Hot Chip techno house side project.
listen: Get Together

17. Phedre -Phedre

The band that should take the baton from Of Montreal.
listen: Aphrodite

16. Serengeti - C.A.R.

Chicago's deepest rapper, doing his thing.
listen: Geti Life

15. Black Dice - Mr Impossible AND Eric Copeland - Limbo

A two-for-one since Eric Copeland is in Black Dice, and because one album isn't better than the other.
listen: Pigs or Louie, Louie, Louie

14. Poolside - Pacific Standard Time

Relaxing summer disco with 90s' house piano licks and boat party vibes.
listen: Next To You

13. Dustin Wong - Dreams Say...

Guitar loops, as performed by a virtuoso.
listen: Pink Diamond

12. Hot Chip - In Our Heads

Dance or listen or care strongly or get drunk or fly around or take the dog for a walk or....
listen: Flutes

11. DIIV - Oshin

Dreamy surf rock that is almost as good as Real Estate.
listen: Doused

ok see ya next week

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