Saturday, October 01, 2011

Chromeo and Mayer Hawthorne at the House of Blues

Notice I didn't title this a "You Missed Out." I could have, because Mayer Hawthorne and Chromeo are both great acts. But, it's really difficult to spin anything positive from a House of Blues experience.

The last time I was at the House of Blues was for a Sleeping at Last show, which had to be about four years ago. That was a fine show though, because a) it wasn't sold out and overcrowded with dude-bros, b) the Sleeping at Last guys are my friends, and c) it was the first time I ever got a photo pass for the pit.

Before that, it was The Shins at the House of Blues. Pretty sure this was pre-Garden State Shins too. Yet, that show had a bizarrely high number of mid-life crisis douche bags. I think they were even screaming "Freebird." At a Shins show...

WTF House of Blues? Why do you suck so much? After tonight, I have to swear off the House of Blues for good.

Now, Mayer Hawthorne and the County put on a hell of a charming show. Old school fun like The Temptations, with just the right amount of nerdy white guy flare. He isn't even close to hitting his stride either. If he gets a horn section to replace the samples, Mayer Hawthorne will be headlining the House of Blues in no time.

But the duo known as Chromeo are just perplexing to me. They don't look or sound like anyone else, and I love that. Their synths are straight out of Beverly Hills Cop, and the Ratatat-ish electric guitar harmonies take the epic-ness to another level. Throw an insane light show, leg lamps for keyboard stands, and vocoder vocals into the mix, and it's more than enough to inspire a silly-awesome dance party.

Unfortunately, and I hope House of Blues is somehow to blame, the crowd at this show took themselves way too seriously. It looked like Excalibur in there. And they didn't even dance very hard. As great as Chromeo sounded, the atmosphere in the venue really got to me. I left a few songs early.

I don't know when or how Chromeo got such a shitty fanbase (they were touring with Neon Indian a year ago...), but it's a bummer. They're better than that. Ugh. The House of Blues....

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