Monday, July 18, 2011

You Missed Out: Real Estate

I was planning on writing a review of each day at Pitchfork, but I think the best I can say is already in my previous post. And it's not even a review really, more of a perspective piece. But other than having fun at Cut Copy and being really excited in general about the music of Shabazz Palaces, you got my Pitchfork take.

So instead, I'm making this post about last night's after-show with Real Estate. I was ready to collapse as I dragged my feet up the stairs of the Subterranean, and wasn't really sure if seeing a dreamy band like Real Estate was the best idea. Especially after all of the beer I had consumed the past three days. That VIP area gave us free Heineken all weekend. And I know Heineken sucks, but I'm too stupid to turn down free beer. I had one last Dead Guy at the Subterranean, and now I'm done for a week.

Anyway. I wasn't completely aware of it until a few hours ago, but Real Estate are a really good band. And a perfect way to chill out after a hot weekend in the sun. Maybe part of it was just getting indoors, but of all the excellent artists I saw at Pitchfork, Real Estate impressed me more than most.

"Out of Tune" is the sole reason I decided to pop into the show last night, a song which has a 90s' lo-fi vibe with a little bit of psych-rocky reverb. But I couldn't believe how many more gorgeous guitar harmonies the band had at their disposal. It reminded me of the first time I saw Voxtrot (RIP), who were one of the better bands out there making sweetly cooed harmony-based pop-rock. Throw in some of Wavves surfy vibes, and a dash of bedroom-pop, and Real Estate proves their place as a talent amongst a sea of wannabes.

When I got the press release for their upcoming album, Days, last week, I didn't immediately put October 18th on my calendar. But after last night, I don't think there's an album I'm more excited about this year. Real Estate's new songs are crafted with precision, but breeze by effortlessly. In a way, it's a shame the album is coming out in the autumn, because the songs are quite summery (especially the first single, "It's Real").

So yes, Pitchfork Fest was fun as usual, but Real Estate is what most people missed out on last night. So don't miss out when they come to town next time.

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