Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Missed Out: Sybris

I've been in Colombia for over a week, doing drugs and coffee. But I'm back to update this blog with music messages and mayhem. Useless alliteration has been aching to return to TDvsBL. It feels great to be telling you what you missed out on again.

Last night I strolled over to the Empty Bottle for their free Monday night show. This time around it was Sybris, and I've actually heard rumors that this was their final show as a band. Period. Of course, nothing is official, but Sybris has been one of those local Chicago bands who were somewhat regarded nationally but nothing compared to their status around town. They're a mediocre band in almost every regard, and we probably won't miss them much once they're gone. But one thing I always appreciated about Sybris was how ever-present they were in Chicago. And I don't mean that they just played a lot of shows, but you'd see them all over town watching other shows, riding their bikes, grocery shopping, and participating at pot luck parties. Sybris was a local band through and through, and I'll miss them for that.

No longer will I say, "Oh, there's that tall guy from Sybris" when I see him around town. Now it must be, "Oh, there's that tall guy who used to be in Sybris... I wonder what he's doing now."

The show last night was just another Sybris show. They played their songs. Nothing is offensive about Sybris, they're generally pretty easy to enjoy. Especially when there are buck fifty Pabsts at the bar. Chicago has been comfortable with this band for years. They've been one of our own. They get the job done up on stage, usually with a adequate drunkenness and ease.

Yesterday I was more interested in digging into some of the other music I had been sent while I was out of the country. Listen to my CHIRP show tonight to hear new music from John Vanderslice and Lia Ices. I also received a promo of the new Danielson, but I'm gonna wait a few weeks before I play anything from that one.

And a reminder to all Chicagoans: Come to the Burlington on Wednesday. I'm DJing and I want to see people drinking while I play music. It's more fun for everybody that way.


shawn said...

It wasn't our last show. I think we are a little better than mediocre. And a lot of people would miss us hence 410 people coming out on a 5 degree night.
The tall guy from sybris

shawn said...
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dylanclub said...

i didn't mean mediocre in a bad way though. Sybris is solid. keep up the good work. i'm glad to hear you're sticking around