Friday, December 31, 2010

You Missed Out: Yeasayer

If you're planning on seeing Yeasayer tonight for Metro's New Year's Eve party, then I guess you didn't miss out. And you'll probably get balloons and confetti too. That's why you paid the extra 20 bucks after all, isn't it?

Last night was the second time that I've had the pleasure of seeing Yeasayer live. The last time I saw them was two years ago when they went on that co-headlining tour with MGMT. And they played Schubas. I always get excited when a band I saw at Schubas ends up playing a NYE show in Chicago just a couple years later. The rookie's potential usually blossoms bombastically in that time.

As for Yeasayer, I had high expectations. I wanted them to come out fearsome like Rooster Cogburn shooting two pistols, holding the reins in his teeth. The crowd wanted it too. Drunk people were spilling their drinks on me before HEALTH ended their set. It was New Year's Eve Eve, and these people were anxious to party.

An interesting thing happened though. Yeasayer's slower, weaker-on-album songs were transferring into their live show surprisingly well. "Red Cave" was a gorgeous lullaby, showcasing the band's vocal harmonies and knack for restraint. But unfortunately, their big singles seemed to fall a bit flatter. "Sunrise" and "Wait for the Summer" were boring, as if half of the instrument tracks had been removed from the songs. And their best recorded song to date, "ONE" wasn't much better either. The only song that really kicked the energy level up was "Ambling Alp," the last song of their set.

With one extra player on stage since they played Schubas, and a percussionist at that, I'm still having a hard time understanding this phenomenon. My best guess is that instead of adding a player to increase the intensity, the choice was made so that their old drummer doesn't wear himself out.

If you've ever seen Menomena, you know how valuable an energetic drummer can be. Even though Menomena's songs don't sound as big live as they do on record, the near breakage of Danny Seim's drums more than makes up for it. "A for effort" goes a long way in indie rock.

I think Yeasayer could've put in a little more effort. Then again, I did just see Delorean a month or so ago. And that band constructed a mountain of sound unlike anything I've heard before. I could still be reeling I suppose.

So that potential I saw from Yeasayer two years ago at Schubas, I guess it hasn't been squandered, but it certainly hasn't come to full fruition yet. And they still have time. Yeasayer only has two full length albums out. I'm expecting AOTY-effort with the third LP. And those percussionists need to break a sweat. Maybe (hopefully) they were saving it for tonight.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CHIRP Playlist (12/29/10): Best of the Year show

It was nothing but new music for the Best of the Year show. I packed all of my faves in (except for Sufjan's I Want To Be Well, which just has too many f-words for radio), and my last show of 2010 avoided any and all requests. Here's what you missed:

12:02AM Robyn Dancing On My Own from Body Talk (Konichiwa)

12:06AM The 1900s Lay A Ghost from Return Of The Century (Parasol)

12:09AM Arcade Fire Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) from The Suburbs (Merge)

12:17AM Yeasayer ONE from Odd Blood (Secretly Canadian)

12:22AM Big Boi Daddy Fat Sax from Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty (Def Jam)

12:26AM Girls Carolina from Broken Dreams Club EP (True Panther Sounds)

12:33AM Owen Pallett A Man With No Ankles from A Swedish Love Story EP (Domino)

12:40AM Gayngs Cry from Relayted (Jagjaguwar)

12:45AM Cee Lo Green Bright Lights Bigger City from The Lady Killer (Elektra)

12:51AM LCD Soundsystem Home from This Is Happening (DFA)

1:00AM Real Estate Out of Tune from Out of Tune 7" (True Panther Sounds)

1:05AM Sun Araw Midnight Locker from Off Duty + Boat Trip EP (Woodsist)

1:14AM Stornoway Zorbing from Beachcomber's Windowsill (4AD)

1:18AM The Autumn Defense Allow Me from Once Around (Yep Roc)

1:22AM Sarah Kirkland Snider, Shara Worden, and Signal Nausicaa from Penelope (New Amsterdam)

1:27AM Joanna Newsom Good Intentions Paving Company from Have One On Me (Drag City)

1:34AM Sharon Van Etten I'm Giving Up On You from I'm Giving Up On You 7" (Polyvinyl)

1:40AM Baths Hall from Cerulean (Anticon)

1:42AM Janelle Monae Tightrope (feat. Big Boi) from The ArchAndroid (Bad Boy)

1:47AM Gold Panda Marriage from Lucky Shiner (Ghostly International)

1:53AM Stereolab Two Finger Symphony from Not Music (Drag City)

1:58AM Wolf Parade Yulia from Expo 86 (Sub Pop)

2:02AM Here We Go Magic Collector from Pigeons (Secretly Canadian)

2:07AM The National Bloodbuzz Ohio from High Violet (4AD)

2:14AM DJ Diamond Freakazoid from Bangs & Works Vol. 1: A Chicago Footwork Compilation (Planet Mu)

2:16AM Syl Johnson Kiss By Kiss from Complete Mythology (Numero Group)

2:19AM The Concretes My Ways from WYWH (Friendly Fire)

2:24AM Laura Veirs Wide-Eyed, Legless from July Flame (Raven Marching Band)

2:26AM The Books Free Translator from The Way Out (Temporary Residence Ltd.)

2:30AM Beach House Norway from Teen Dream (Sub Pop)

2:37AM Surf City CIA from Kudos (Fire)

2:40AM The Greenhornes Underestimator from **** (Third Man)

2:42AM Menomena Taos from Mines (Barsuk)

2:49AM The Tallest Man on Earth Like the Wheel from Sometimes the Blues is Just A Passing Bird EP (Dead Oceans)

2:52AM Delorean Grow from Subiza (True Panther Sounds)

2:57AM Kanye West Power from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Roc-A-Fella)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top 10 Songs of 2010

If you prefer a good song to a good album, then this is the TDvsBL post for you. Listen to the ten best songs I heard in 2010 with a glass of champagne. It's the end of the year and we should only listen to the best music until 2011 (then the list-making process starts all over again).

LCD Soundsystem - Home

If This Is Happening is indeed the final LCD Soundsystem album, James Murphy found the perfect song to close out a career. It does what all of the best LCD Soundsystem songs do (Get Innocuous, Losing My Edge, All My Friends), it builds and build and builds and builds until you look down and realize that you've been dancing and you're not how sure how long this has been happening.

Joanna Newsom - Good Intentions Paving Company

Joanna Newsom was one of many artists who took her ambitious tendencies to new heights in 2010. It paid off for Newsom if only for Good Intentions Paving Company. With this one she transcended her indie quirkiness with soulful singing and toe-tapping orchestration. Who ever thought it would be possible to dance to a Joanna Newsom song? Not me. But it's a smart move for the voluptuous harpist.

Sufjan Stevens - I Want To Be Well

Rather than bringing fans and critics together in universal adoration as he did in 2005, Sufjan has decided to divide in 2010 with a noisy experimental EP and album. But I've been hard pressed to find a music fan who didn't adore I Want To Be Well, the second-to-last track on Age of Adz which debuts Sufjan's first F-word in song. Not only is it the best track on the album, it's one of Sufjan's best songs, period.

Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Maybe it's because the first hour of The Suburbs was a chore compared to this late-album marvel, but Sprawl II sounds like a revelation. The song is the Arcade Fire at their very best, but also a bittersweet thing too. Every time I hear Sprawl II I audibly cry, "why the hell doesn't the rest of the album sound like this?".

Baths - Hall

I first played Hall on my radio show simply because it was one of the tracks in our station's "heavy rotation" playlist. I hadn't heard of Baths before it. But I've since made a point to play the song during my shift every few weeks. For music fans looking for that exciting new 2010 sound (which wasn't witch house), Hall provides the goods.

Here We Go Magic - Collector

My little sister is one of those girls you see at outdoor music festivals dancing with the hula hoops. She assured me that the best "hooping" music is Here We Go Magic. I'm not surprised, especially with all of those dizzying loops and chants on Collector. This song spins outward like a centrifugal kaleidoscope. By the end you feel so good you can't help but play it again. ("You find the love in repetition")

Stornoway - I Saw You Blink

I knew that a Stornoway song had to be on this list, but I had a really hard time deciding between I Saw You Blink and Zorbing. But English folk pop doesn't get any better than this. These two songs were probably stuck in my head more than anything else I'd heard this year. If only Americans weren't so daft... these are such charming songs.

Gayngs - Cry

I think this is the only cover on the list. Gayngs didn't even do much to alter the Godley and Creme original, but after I heard Cry, I didn't know if I wanted to laugh, or die. It's so bad it's good, except I secretly don't believe it's bad at all. Gayngs' Last Prom On Earth is equally as awful/amazing.

Real Estate - Out of Tune

It's possible that we rode our last chillwave in 2010, but Real Estate rode it to perfection with Out of Tune. A humble single, but a song that demands its listener either get high or just take it easy in the afternoon. I generally opt for the latter, because this song is cool enough without the aid of self-medication.

Yeasayer - ONE

Yeasayer seems like they have problem making albums with no more than two or three standout tracks and a majority of filler. But the stronger songs on their albums are separated so far from the pack, the band is on their way towards one hell of a 'greatest hits' album (as long as they keep pace for another decade). ONE speaks for itself though. This is as good as "indie" can sound in 2010.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CHIRP Playlist (12/22/10)

Some Christmas music on CHIRP. And next week you'll hear tracks from my favorite albums of the year. And maybe if I feel like it I'll play something from The Suburbs too.

12:00AM Fol Chen The Believers from Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made (Asthmatic Kitty)

12:02AM Steve Reich Double Sextet - 3. Fast from Double Sextet/2X5 (Nonesuch)

12:09AM State Bird An Accident in the Woods from Mostly Ghostly (Record Machine)

12:17AM Over the Rhine Only God Can Save Us Now from The Long Surrender (Great Speckled Dog)

12:19AM Kisses Lovers from The Heart of the Nightlife (This is Music)

12:25AM Sleeping at Last Silver Bells from Silver Bells (self-released)

12:28AM Randy Newman Christmas in Cape Town from Trouble In Paradise (Reprise)

12:33AM Julian Koster The First Noel from The Singing Saw at Christmastime (Merge)

12:36AM Weekend Age Class from Sports (Slumberland)

12:41AM Mirah Love Minus Zero from Subterranean Homesick Blues: A Tribute to Bob Dylan's 'Bringing It All Back Home' (ReImagine)

12:45AM Dustin Wong Infinite Love 19 from Infinite Love (Thrill Jockey)

12:48AM Daft Punk End of Line from TRON: Legacy (Disney)

12:51AM Hauschka Tanz from Snowflakes and Carwrecks (Fat Cat)

1:02AM Luscious Jackson Don't Look Back from Fever In, Fever Out (Capitol)

1:05AM Passion Pit Seaweed Song from Manners (Frenchkiss)

1:09AM Pinback Good to Sea from Autumn of the Seraphs (Touch & Go)

1:15AM No Kids The Jazz Singer from Judy at the Grove EP (Tomlab)

1:18AM Shigeto Escape From the Incubator from Full Circle (Ghostly International)

1:21AM Aurelio Weibayuwa from Laru Beya (Sub Pop)

1:27AM Wyatt, Atzmon & Stephen Maryan from For the Ghosts Within (Domino)

1:32AM Andrew Bird The Trees Were Mistaken from Soldier On (Fargo)

1:40AM Chris Schlarb White Dove in the Psychic Temple from Psychic Temple (Asthmatic Kitty)

1:48AM Gregory and the Hawk Olly Olly Oxen Free from Leche (FatCat)

1:53AM The Stooges 1970 from Fun House (Elektra)

1:58AM The Arrivals Simple Pleasures in America from Volatile Molotov (Recess)

2:01AM The National Apartment Story from Boxer (Beggars Banquet)

2:05AM David Bowie Always Crashing In The Same Car from Low (RCA)

2:08AM Midlake Van Occupanther (live) from Fortune EP (Bella Union)

2:15AM Louis Armstrong Georgia On My Mind from 1931-1932 (Classics)

2:17AM Plearn Promdan Wan Maha Sanook from The Sound of Siam: Leftfield Luk Thang, Jazz & Molam in Thailand 1964-1975 (Soundway)

2:21AM Jed & Lucia April Showers from Superhuman Heart (Ubiquity)

2:26AM T. Rex Cosmic Dancer from Electric Warrior (A&M)

2:31AM The Liminanas Funeral Baby from The Liminanas (Trouble in Mind)

2:36AM James Blake Measurements from James Blake (Atlas)

2:40AM Sundance, Nomis & Jerimiah Bonds At It Again from Night Owls 5: Bird Flu (Syntax)

2:44AM DVAS Society from Society (Upper Class)

2:51AM On Fillmore Master Moon from Extended Vacation (Dead Oceans)

2:58AM Rosie Thomas All the Way to New York City from These Friends of Mine (Nettwerk)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Darkwing Duck and Joseph Campbell

I used to watch Darkwing Duck every day when I got home from school. It was easy enough for a boy to enjoy; a cartoon about crime-fighting animal characters. Fun stuff, right? Darkwing Duck also wore purple and turquoise, the most mind-blowing color combination seen up until that point in history (For further proof, see the beloved 90s' team, the Charlotte Hornets).

What I didn't realize at 8 years old was that this cartoon was created by adults. Now that I'm older, I can appreciate Darkwing Duck on a completely different level. Now I can see story structure and character psychology that wasn't apparent to me before. The adults who made this cartoon weren't stupid, and often infused modern psychology and philosophy into their stories.

Take, for example, The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck. This episode was unorthodox, even for the usually silly Darkwing Duck show. It's a meta-mythological homage to archetypal heroes for all time. Darkwing even makes his famous entrance saying, "I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the hero that every culture in every world needs! I... am Darkwiiiing Duck!"

The writers of this episode obviously borrowed greatly from Joseph Campbell's Hero with A Thousand Faces. Honker even takes from a proverbial psychology textbook when he notes in the intro of the show that "Hero worship reflects the hero worshiper's feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and inability." Darkwing Duck is presented as a myth in this episode, something we look up to because of the character's ability to overcome all challenges. He inspires us. His stories are exciting because he accomplishes that which we do not have the ability to accomplish.

Tributes to the monomyth and heroes are made throughout the episode. Darkwing is introduced as "a babe wrapped in swaddling cloths" (Jesus Christ, check). He comes from a faraway world and is sent into the current world (Superman, check.). He is trained by an Eastern sensei in the mountains (Batman, check). And by the end of the origin story, Darkwing encounters his "shadow"/Negaduck and becomes a hero (Star Wars? Sure. Check.).

Darkwing answers his call to adventure as an amateur, but by the time he utters "let's get dangerous!" he's a pro. A hero for the ages. He is even rewarded with various tools and powers by those who come along to help him on his journey. His mask, cape, smoke, and name are all given to him. This is important, because the mythological story of the hero can never be purely existential. Even Superman needed his adopted parents. Luke Skywalker obviously needed Yoda and Han Solo.

By the end, even Honker comes around. He admits, "Well, uh, I suppose every myth has some basis in reality." What a moral. What a thing for a child to learn from a cartoon. That even though our heroes are not "real" in the same sense that our family pet is real, a story (or myth) can be even more meaningful to a culture than a "real"/true story.

And I just love the concept of Negaduck in this show. Negaduck is especially Jungian. The character is altogether selfish, evil and opposite of what Darkwing Duck stands for. They appear similar, but the two are opposing necessities. Negaduck receives his income by stealing, his pleasure is a result of causing harm to others, and he works best alone. Darkwing (the hero) is virtuous because he is not selfish. He gives of himself for the betterment of the community (the city of St. Canard).

Psychologically, we can learn a lot from these two characters. Within our selves are dualistic desires, that which presents a difficult journey towards happiness or heroism, and the shadow which is inclined towards brevity of effort. When we give into weakness, it's similar to taking a job that pays more but involves work we don't believe in. Or buying an infomercial weight loss supplement instead of exercising and eating healthy. But if we want real happiness and peace of mind, we can't give into our shadow. The shadow always goes for shortcuts, for vice, and for instant-gratification. Ultimately, this can result in a psychological issue, usually depression.

As individuals, we can learn how to be content with our own talents and abilities. If we go the route of the hero, we will receive assistance from those who will fight for the greater cause we're inspired by. But if we give in to our shadow, it means self-centeredness and villainy.

Did a kids' show like Darkwing Duck plant a seed for me to take interest in Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung? Is the psychology of a cartoon capable of speaking to a child's subconscious the same way a lecture speaks to a college student? I can't be sure of either, but I appreciate cartoons now as an adult almost as much as I did when I was a kid. The adults who create these kid-friendly stories are just as intelligent as any other adult, they simply opt to create products that both children and adults can enjoy. You see, the monomyth isn't ageist either.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CHIRP Playlist (12/15/10)

Come to the Burlington tonight at Kimball and Fullerton to hear a mediocre set of weeknight winter music. It's the Peterson's Christmas party. No gifts please. Just drink and mingle. Here's what I did last night on CHIRP, but tonight won't be similar:

11:59PM The 1900s Kidnap Runaway from Return of the Century (Parasol)

12:02AM Jay Reatard There Is No Sun from Watch Me Fall (Matador)

12:05AM Old Time Relijun Mystery Language from Witchcraft Rebellion (K)

12:08AM Pedro the Lion Penetration from Control (Jade Tree)

12:14AM Lia Ices Daphne from Grown Unknown (Jagjaguwar)

12:20AM DJ Shadow Hindsight from Preemptive Strike (Mo' Wax)

12:30AM Hum Stars from You'd Prefer an Astronaut (RCA)

12:33AM Ryan Adams Breaking Into the Resolve from III/IV (Pax AM)

12:38AM Birds & Batteries Strange Kind of Mirror from Panorama (Velvet Blue)

12:43AM Pan American Amulls from For Waiting, For Chasing (kranky)

12:54AM Robyn Time Machine from Body Talk (Konichiwa)

12:57AM Sly & The Family Stone Runnin' Away from There's A Riot Goin' On (Epic)

1:02AM Okkervil River Unless It's Kicks from The Stage Names (Jagjaguwar)

1:07AM Creedence Clearwater Revival Lodi from Green River (Fantasy)

1:10AM The Handsome Family Our Blue Sky from Last Days Of Wonder (Carrot Top)

1:14AM Gorillaz Empire Ants (featuring Little Dragon) from Plastic Beach (Virgin)

1:19AM Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra Peter and the Wolf from Hooked Up Classics (Ubiquity)

1:21AM Sneaker Pimps 6 Underground from Becoming X (Virgin)

1:27AM Reading Rainbow To My Gemini from Prism Eyes (HoZac)

1:32AM Toro Y Moi Still Sound from Underneath the Pine (Carpark)

1:38AM Agalloch Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires from Marrow of the Spirit (Profound Love)

1:47AM STNNNG Slow Water from The Smoke of My Will (Modern Radio)

1:52AM Giant Sand Better Man Than Me from Blurry Blue Mountain (Fire)

1:57AM Cameron McGill & What Army Not On My Side from Warm Songs For Cold Shoulders (Parasol)

2:02AM R.E.M. Good Advices from Fables of the Reconstruction (I.R.S.)

2:05AM Spoon I Turn My Camera On from Gimme Fiction (Merge)

2:08AM Cadence Weapon In Search of the Youth Crew from Afterparty Babies (Anti)

2:14AM cLOUDDEAD Physics of a Unicycle from Ten (Mush)

2:18AM Botany Waterparker from Feeling Today EP (Western Vinyl)

2:21AM John Roberts Glass Eights from Glass Eights (Dial)

2:29AM Darling Heart Attack from Mustache Music Volume I (Commune)

2:32AM The Mountain Goats Genesis 3:23 from Life Of The World To Come (4AD)

2:37AM John Vanderslice Convict Lake from White Wilderness (Dead Oceans)

2:41AM Soft Circle Nerve Of People from Shore Obsessed (Post Present Medium)

2:46AM Deerhunter These Hands from Microcastle (kranky)

2:53AM Boy King Islands Math is Christ from Fall (Plustapes)

2:56AM Hank Snow I'm Movin On from I'm Movin On & Other Great Country Hits (self released)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Missed Out: Sybris

I've been in Colombia for over a week, doing drugs and coffee. But I'm back to update this blog with music messages and mayhem. Useless alliteration has been aching to return to TDvsBL. It feels great to be telling you what you missed out on again.

Last night I strolled over to the Empty Bottle for their free Monday night show. This time around it was Sybris, and I've actually heard rumors that this was their final show as a band. Period. Of course, nothing is official, but Sybris has been one of those local Chicago bands who were somewhat regarded nationally but nothing compared to their status around town. They're a mediocre band in almost every regard, and we probably won't miss them much once they're gone. But one thing I always appreciated about Sybris was how ever-present they were in Chicago. And I don't mean that they just played a lot of shows, but you'd see them all over town watching other shows, riding their bikes, grocery shopping, and participating at pot luck parties. Sybris was a local band through and through, and I'll miss them for that.

No longer will I say, "Oh, there's that tall guy from Sybris" when I see him around town. Now it must be, "Oh, there's that tall guy who used to be in Sybris... I wonder what he's doing now."

The show last night was just another Sybris show. They played their songs. Nothing is offensive about Sybris, they're generally pretty easy to enjoy. Especially when there are buck fifty Pabsts at the bar. Chicago has been comfortable with this band for years. They've been one of our own. They get the job done up on stage, usually with a adequate drunkenness and ease.

Yesterday I was more interested in digging into some of the other music I had been sent while I was out of the country. Listen to my CHIRP show tonight to hear new music from John Vanderslice and Lia Ices. I also received a promo of the new Danielson, but I'm gonna wait a few weeks before I play anything from that one.

And a reminder to all Chicagoans: Come to the Burlington on Wednesday. I'm DJing and I want to see people drinking while I play music. It's more fun for everybody that way.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

You Missed Out: Positive Beat Recordings at Viaduct Theater

One of the Chicago venues I work with in CHIRP's promotions department is the Viaduct Theater. We've given away tickets to plays and concerts at the Viaduct (tune in next week if you'd like to go there to see Black Bear Combo for free), but I had never been there myself. So last night I stopped in. It was one of those on-a-whim shows where I coincidentally ran into more than a few old friends and acquaintances. Chicago became very small inside of the Viaduct, and it felt really comfortable.

The show was a sort of release party for Positive Beat Recordings, a new record label that isn't too big on the whole digital music thing. They like LP's over there. Chicago indie-folk band Cains & Abels headlined the show by performing every song on their debut album. Even though Call Me Up has been out for over two years, it only just now received the vinyl treatment.

But before the headliner, two duos opened the night with much more interesting music. The first band played up in a hidden room above the bar lobby. YNGR is Matt Joynt (Anathallo) and Ryan Hammer. If you know Matt, you won't be surprised at all by this idea. I interviewed him a couple years ago when he was working at a coffee shop, and he insisted that I conduct the interview while he was working. So we were constantly being interrupted by customers asking for refills and pastries, but Matt smiled madly throughout the recording. Matt's brain just works for the unpredictable. If it's been done, Matt won't do it.

It's hard to say exactly what Matt and Ryan do to create their music, since you can't see them, but their ambient sounds were warm and inoffensive. YNGR doesn't have music available online. That's just how they roll. But Matt told me after the show that he'd get me something so that I could play YNGR on my CHIRP show. So you'll hear it here first. (Though I wouldn't be surprised if they have a cassette tape out there somewhere.)

Talons was the highlight of the evening. A young mustached man and a pretty brunette quietly cooed while a looping video of a forest bonfire played behind them. Near the end of the set, my friend whispered at me (anything more than a whisper would have been rude) "sounds like Sun Kil Moon." A great compliment for sure. You can judge for yourself though, because this band is actually on the internet.

Cains & Abels left the bonfire on, but their rowdy alt-country-rock deserved a larger blaze. They're a promising band to be sure, but something's still missing. Even with occasional cellos and Matt and Ryan shouting backup vocals, the band has a lot of room to grow. Let's hope they do. They obviously have talented enough friends surrounding them.

But the biggest winner of the night was the venue itself. I gained a new excitement to be working with the Viaduct. I'm going to try to get CHIRP some giveaways to January's Hot and Heavy Burlesque performance of The Wall. Sounds fun, right? It's not the sort of place to see a typical concert, but that could definitely be an advantage for the Viaduct. We should all go see a play there sometime too.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

CHIRP Playlist (12/1/10)

My show might be changing time slots. I'll let you know for sure when/if it happens, but it's possible that I may get an earlier shift. That would mean that all of you responsible types can listen before you go to bed. But for the next month, it's the midnight shift as usual.

12:06AM Can Father Cannot Yell from Can Anthology (Warner)

12:08AM Brian Eno Calcium Needles from Small Craft On A Milk Sea (Warp)

12:13AM Q and Not U No Damage Nocturne from Different Damage (Dischord)

12:16AM Matt & Kim Silver Tiles from Sidewalks (Fader)

12:20AM Beastie Boys Shadrach from Paul's Boutique (Capitol)

12:26AM Flying Lotus Comet Course from Los Angeles (Warp)

12:28AM Daft Punk Derezzed from TRON: Legacy OST (Walt Disney)

12:30AM Royksopp The Alcoholic from Senior (MB3)

12:36AM Steely Dan Charlie Freak from Pretzel Logic (ABC)

12:39AM Bowerbirds In Our Talons from Hymns For A Dark Horse (Dead Oceans)

12:43AM DeVotchKa The Enemy Guns from How It Ends (Cicero)

12:49AM Simian Mobile Disco Ortolan from Delicacies (Wichita)

12:56AM James Brown Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved from Revolution Of The Mind: Live At The Apollo Vol. 3 (Polydor)

1:02AM At the Drive-In Hourglass from In Casino Out (Fearless)

1:05AM The Fall Last Nacht from I Am Kurious, Oranj (Beggars Banquet)

1:09AM Titus Andronicus My Time Outside the Womb from The Airing Of Grievances (XL)

1:13AM Camera Obscura Happy New Year from Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi (Merge)

1:17AM The Liminanas Down Underground from The Liminanas (Trouble in Mind)

1:20AM Bikini R.I.P. from RIP JDS EP (Lefse)

1:28AM OOIOO Honki Ponki from Armonico Hewa (Thrill Jockey)

1:30AM Charles Mingus Roland Kirk's Message from Mingus Plays Piano (Impulse)

1:33AM Hector Zazou Dju Ya Feza from Noir et Blanc (Crammed Discs)

1:42AM Purling Hiss 1976 from Public Service Announcement (Woodsist)

1:46AM Weekend Untitled from Sports (Slumberland)

1:54AM Orange Juice Breakfast Time from Coals to Newcastle (Domino)

2:01AM Josiah Wolf The One Sign from Jet Lag (Anticon)

2:04AM Casiotone For the Painfully Alone Cold White Christmas from Etiquette (Tomlab)

2:09AM Low Two Step from Secret Name (kranky)

2:17AM Allá vs Basokin Mulu(me) from Tradi-Mods vs. Rockers: Alternative Takes on Congotronics (Crammed)

2:22AM Massive Attack Risingson from Mezzanine (Virgin)

2:29AM The Concretes Sing for Me from WYWH (Friendly Fire)

2:32AM Radio Citizen World from Hope and Despair (Ubiquity)

2:36AM Gangrene Ransom from Gutter Water (Decon)

2:43AM Iron & Wine Walking Far From Home from Kiss Each Other Clean (Warner Bros)

2:47AM Paul Simon All Around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints from Graceland (Warner Bros.)

2:52AM TS & The Past Haunts Caveman Rock from TS & The Past Haunts (self-released)

2:55AM Jawbreaker Indictment from 24 Hour Revenge Therapy (Tupelo)

2:57AM William Shatner Real from Has Been (Shout! Factory)