Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Missed Out: Delorean

(photo by Ryan Zeller)

Sometimes, you just miss out and it's not that big of a deal because you'll have another chance to make up for it. But if you missed Delorean at Lincoln Hall last night, you really missed out. This is one of those shows to stay up late for, even if it's a weeknight. Big deal if you have work in the morning, Delorean is more important. Because they're going to make life better on a deeper level. They'll make you move around, without a care for work or anything else in the world except for what's happening at the present moment.

Lincoln Hall is the perfect venue for a band like Delorean. It's not a massive cave with echoey sound, but it's not so tiny that it feels like a hole in the wall. The acoustics at the venue are perfect, especially when you're on the main level. Delorean goes heavy on the samples, but blends them with live drums, guitar and vocals.

The four musicians on stage almost performed like four DJs. Animal Collective's live show comes to mind at first, although the two bands don't sound anything alike. But like Delorean, Animal Collective are made up of four guys, mixing samples and electronic sounds with more traditional instruments. And the pulse gets remarkably heavy. It's never quite a dance party at an Animal Collective show, but the music occasionally gets into rhythm with your heartbeat, scaring the hell out of your respiratory system.

But where Delorean differs from (and exceeds) the Animal Collective show is in their ability to crescendo a song to such a level that the crowd feels no other choice but to jump up and down. The band piles on the layers of intensity higher and higher, until we feel like we should all be at the ceiling of the venue, looking down at the spotlights on stage while we spin the disco ball with our fingertips.

If you're not from Spain, you might have to wait for your next opportunity to see this band perform live. Those Europeans have plenty of options on their side of the world, they don't need conservative Americans to tell them how to party.

But if you like Delorean's recorded music at all, you'll be amazed at what they do with it live. It's much less about performing the song exactly as it's heard on album, and more about elongating the music, building tension for the live experience. Some of the songs seem twice as long when performed, but 10 times more intense and overwhelming. My ears aren't even ringing, because the levels last night were just perfect. Even though I felt surrounded by the bright beats and pounding bass, I never wanted to escape. I didn't have to look back at the sound guy once.

My wife had to wake up at six in the morning today, but Delorean hit the stage well after 11 PM last night. She stayed for the entire show, and today admitted that she felt less stressed and more energized than she's felt all week, despite getting considerably less sleep. This is just what a great show will do though. Good music is uplifting to our emotions and psyche. If you needed a pick-me-up, Delorean would have done the job and then some. But hey, if you missed out... just don't make the same mistake next time.

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