Friday, October 01, 2010

One Week at the Metro

I set a personal record this past week: three shows at the same venue in less than seven days. The lucky venue was The Metro. I'm celebrating by posting photos.

9/25 - Menomena and Suckers

I already reviewed this show. Read about it here.

9/26 - Caribou and Emeralds

A lot of apprehension was in the air at the Caribou show. A few months ago at Millennium Park, Caribou played a free all-ages show at the Pritzker Pavilion. A spontaneous dance party erupted at the front of the lawn about halfway through that show, making it one of the more memorable Monday night shows of the year. But to all of the paying concert-goers at the Metro, it seemed like the pressure was on to mimic at least part of that summer evening excitement. Half an hour into the show, people were bobbing their heads but keeping their feet planted on the floor. Eventually, somebody cried out "everybody daaaaance!" between songs, to which the crowd applauded and Dan Snaith pointed approvingly. Even after that though, there wasn't much more movement. But it was a Sunday night. The visual show up on stage was captivating. Dancing wasn't imperative this time around. A few kids loosened up by the end of the night, but the most impressive part of the show was Caribou's tight playing. Bowls was the highlight, and convinced me that Caribou's next album really should be instrumental.

9/30 - Gayngs and Glasser

Glasser trip-hopped a small group of early comers, all of us wondering to ourselves, "so, what the hell are we doing here?" Nobody was there for the opening act, so were we all here to see Gayngs? Do we like that music? What is this all about? I swear, this was one of the dorkiest shows I've ever seen. Gayngs' music is embarrassing on purpose, combing the worst elements of smooth jazz and soft rock with trying-too-hard outfits and an utter abuse of autotune. But Justin Vernon looked like he was just having to much damn fun up there in his coonskin cap and bowtie. He's had a good week too, what with his song sampled on the latest Kanye leak. This was a night to show off his auto-tune skills. Hopefully next time I see him using them will be on stage at a Kanye West show.

It's bizarre seeing so many talented artists making such awful music. But I guess that's the point. Why so many people paid $21 to see that though, I'm not sure what to make of that. I mean, I'd much rather see Bon Iver, Megafaun, The Rosebuds and Dosh each play on their own. Mixing a lot of colors together is a good idea at first, but, perhaps Gayngs is just out to prove that too much of a good thing turns all to brown. Still, I couldn't help but smile at these 11 dudes hamming it up. I don't think it was a mistake that they were all wearing white either. Dorks.

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