Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pitchfork Fest 2010 Day Two

1. Delorean could be an amazing band someday if the singer gets over his lackadaisical delivery.

2. If you don't have any weed on you at Pitchfork fest, look to the person on your right side. If he or she doesn't have any weed, look to your left. This person will have weed.

3. Wolf Parade is just pure rock and roll.

4. There are more douchebags at Pitchfork Fest this year. And they drink Heineken.

5. Young girls are wearing less bras nowadays apparently. Side-boobs are in.

6. My favorite show of the day was the aftershow at Schubas. Here We Go Magic were louder than anything I've ever heard in that venue. Should translate well tomorrow in the outdoor setting.

7. I missed LCD Soundsystem to help out at the CHIRP table. That's how much I believe in CHIRP. I have to keep telling myself this or I'll get sad that I missed LCD Soundsystem...

8. Do people SERIOUSLY like Panda Bear??

9. I wish dogs were allowed at the fest.

10. I'm getting tired. And the weekend is halfway over.

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Chris said...

Panda Bear was awful...