Friday, July 16, 2010

Pitchfork Fest 2010 Day One

I'll be at Pitchfork Fest for all three days this weekend. And since I'm there with CHIRP, not as press, I can avoid writing an arc or full paragraphs. Here are the basic things I have to say about day one of the fest:

1. Robyn put on the best show of the day, no contest.

2. I was fairly unfamiliar with Robyn before today, but now I will look into her discography a little more.

3. It was so humid and there were so many people in the crowd for Modest Mouse, it literally felt like a swamp made out of humans. Have you ever seen how dragonflies coast just inches above a lake? That's what they were doing tonight only inches above our heads.

4. Hundreds of glow sticks were being thrown around the swamp crowd for Modest Mouse. It was hard to tell where they all came from. I don't know if it was something promotional, something the band planted, or if a bunch of kids just had the idea to throw around glow sticks during the Modest Mouse show.

5. I'm getting older.

6. Tallest Man on Earth seemed out of sorts today. His show at Lincoln Hall earlier this year was much better.

7. Wyatt Cenac is pretty funny. I like the Comedy Stage idea. Too bad they won't have it tomorrow or Sunday.

8. It looks like Hieneken bought out Goose Island. If it weren't for CHIRP, I don't think it would be fair to call Pitchfork an "indie fest" anymore.

9. Remembering that there is no advertisement for Pitchfork Fest outside of the Pitchfork website, it's safe to assume that the thousands of people attending the fest every day get their music information from the internet.

10. I'm thinking about sneaking my own alcohol in tomorrow.

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