Saturday, July 03, 2010

How To Find Yourself a Good Christian Wife

Christian singles live in every part of the country, so you don't have to travel far to look for a woman who could potentially become your wife. Make sure that you become a Christian before you go courting a Christian woman, because the religion discourages interfaith marriages. The marriage of two Christians is a beautiful celebration of sexual purity and dedication to a couple's faith in Christ. The easiest way to find a Christian wife is by participating in church community events.

Step 1

Look around for a church in your neighborhood. Attend a Sunday service to see if you find any of the congregation's women attractive. If no, look at another church. Once you find a church that has some single Christian women you'd like to get to know, look into group Bible studies. Find out which particular study group the woman is in, and see if you can join in next week. Studying the Bible and praying together in a smaller setting lets you get to know each other on a more personal level.

Step 2

Go out to church group events if they are offered. Whether it's a neighborhood outreach activity or just an outing to a restaurant, doing ministry together is a great way to get more acquainted with people from your church. Do not immediately ask a woman from your church out on a date though, because Christian women prefer to move into romantic relationships slowly and cautiously. First show her how mature of a Christian you are by hanging out with other groups of Christian friends.

Step 3

Ask her out on dates once you've become friends with her. You should never be alone though, because Christians wait until marriage before they have sex. But dates allow you to get to know a woman on a more romantic level. If you both have strong spiritual and physical attractions to each other on your dates, talk about marriage openly. Set boundaries and make sure you know how far you both agree to go on a physical level. If you don't want to kiss until the joyous wedding day, simply communicate that.

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