Monday, June 07, 2010

You Missed Out: She & Him

This isn't as much of a "you missed out" post in regards to tonight's performance as it is for the sponsor of the show. And since I haven't blogged about CHIRP yet, this is a perfect opportunity. CHIRP (CHicago Independent Radio Project) is the best radio station in the city. That's actually what I was saying to attendees of the free She & Him concert all evening from behind a table at the back west corner of the Pritzker Pavilion's seating area. Thanks for stopping by if you were there.

I probably only talked to less than one percent of the concertgoers tonight, because it was disgustingly crowded. Thousands of people were there, most of them white suburban high-schoolers. But lucky for them, CHIRP decided to sponsor this concert and MC the event. For any kids looking to get a head start on their musical education, they've now been made aware of the best source in Chicago.

Tomorrow at 2 PM (Chicago time), I'll be DJing my first shift for CHIRP. I'll only be on for an hour, so stream if you can:

Listen throughout the week either way, because CHIRP is run by the coolest "music people" in Chicago. Former NPR producers, music journalists, and local music personalities make up the station, entirely on a volunteer basis. They even made Metromix's latest list of the 50 Thing that Make Chicago Great.

The next CHIRP event I'll be working at is the Green Music Fest on June 27th. Come out and say hi before enjoying a free David Bazan show.

Don't miss out on the good music. CHIRP is streaming now.

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Vicky said...

Re: white suburban high school kids as "most" of the people--I think it's more like too many white romantic comedy couples there all holding each other and wrapping blankets like capes, kissing each other and all. Blah.


I have been meaning to check out CHIRP for a while. A good opportunity to do so now.