Friday, June 25, 2010

Hasn't Come Out Yet: The Red River - Little Songs About the Big Picture

Release Date: September 28th, 2010

Who has time to keep up with new music anymore? Well, I actually do. Which is why you continue to see blog posts about bands you've never heard of. So you should thank me! Actually, I'm happy to do it. Getting new music is one of my few joys in life.

Upon receiving The Red River's Little Songs About the Big Picture in the mail a few days ago, I knew instantly by looking at its packaging that it was going to be an album I'd be talking about. The CD came wrapped in tissue paper, when unfolded revealed the title of the album and the band's name, along with the tracklist and everything else you'd expect to see in an album leaflet. Their official album cover art was this tissue paper. Charming already, no?

But buried within the paper were other gifts like original photographs of people cooking in a kitchen and strangers at a park. Were these people in the band? Or just pictures of everyday, anyday, occurrences? Either way, it made me smile. And finally, out dropped a balloon. I was beaming before I even turned the music on.

Remember Page France? I hope you do, because they were one of the best little indie bands that existed in the 2000s'. If you've been looking for a band that could take their place, The Red River is all that quirky, multi-instrumental niceness and soft melody that Page France won the gold in. But these new guys keep it slow. And that's not to say boring, just a little bit subdued.

It's acoustic, and casio-toned. It's cute, and heart-wearming. String and horn sections are not surprising, nor are lyrics about first loves and nighttime. And there's always plenty of hand clapping. These eight siblings make happy music, unapologetically and without obligation for thanks. They even sing "Who will be thankful if I'm not? So I will give thanks. I will give thanks."

And that, my dear readers, is what the "big picture" is all about. Don't worry about what I say, or what somebody else believes. Just be thankful for what you're thankful for. Be happy just because you are, not for anyone else. This is what music like Page France and The Red River reminds me to do. I'm not a publicist. I just enjoy music. If you enjoy music too, check out this band. You just might have the same feelings towards it as I did.

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