Friday, April 30, 2010

Hasn't Come Out Yet: Menomena - Mines

Release Date: July 27, 2010

Usually I wait at least until the album art is released to write a 'Hasn't Come Out Yet' post, but this one has got me too excited. The hype must come early for Menomena. I've been listening to Mines non-stop for the past couple days, more than Ratatat LP4, Tobacco, The National and Crystal Castles combined (and those are all damn good albums too).

I must refrain from posting lyrics, I promised Barsuk's publicist I wouldn't, but I so badly want to share them with you dear readers. The three boys in Menomena always seem to write about issues that I coincidentally also happen to be plunging deep into thought over. But they do so with so much more creative wit and metaphorical brilliance than I could even attempt. There's a clear disgust with spiritual hypocrisy, a battle with artistic insecurity, and philosophical games with ambiguity on Mines. I shouldn't be surprised I guess, but these lyrics really hit home with me.

But, as usual, the best thing about Menomena certainly isn't their lyrics. It's their bat-shit awesome music. I can officially put this band in my small group of "trusteds." These guys search for sound combinations that that haven't been heard before, be they subtle and quiet or loud and fearsome. And they just play so damn hard. Anyone who's seen their live show knows how hard Danny can attack his drums. Oh God. It's like the best kind of garage rock that could ever exist (except Menomena is so much more daring and than the boldest garage rock).

There's more sax than ever before. More piano. More sounds all-around actually. I have no idea how they're going to play these songs live. There's often a pile of instruments so large it's as if a music store went out of business and threw all of their stuff into one dumpster in the back alley. Little did they know Menomena would be hiding in that dumpster, ready and able to play every instrument they threw in.

You can't hear any of the tracks yet, and I don't think I'm even allowed to give the tracklist either. But check out the band's myspace to hear a cool b-side called Pilgrim's Progress.

And, yes, Mines is definitely one of the best albums I've heard this year. Be excited. Mines is an album worth buying with your actual money. Believe my hype.


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SeasTooFarToReach said...

I believe you! :D