Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gay Frankenstein

*This story was a team effort, compiled improvisational-style in less than 10 minutes (unedited). The direction my two writing partners took it in just warmed my heart though.

Once upon a time, there was a monster. He was created by a man named Frankenstein. Frankenstein made Monster out of dead body parts and electricity. But Monster didn't tell Frankenstein that he had a strong homosexual attraction to his maker, and it tore him up inside.

The monster tried to ask the man out for some french fries and soda. But the man said he was watching his figure. The monster tried again the following week, to go to a salad bar. The man agreed. At the salad bar, the monster ate nothing and just watched his master lightly pick at a small greek salad on his plate. Then the monster dropped the line... He told him that he loved him and that he would do anything the master desired. The master ran away in disgust. The monster sat in silence, ashamed of his sexual lust.

Frankenstein ran home to call Wolfman.

Frankenstein: I just feel guilty. It wasn't my intention to build this sex slave. I just feel like it's an abuse of power.

Wolfman: Well do you have feelings for Monster?

Frankenstein: I do.

Wolfman: And it seems like Monster truly loves you.

Frankenstein: I think so too.

Wolfman: So go for it.

Frankenstein: Ok. I will. Thanks Wolfman. I'm gonna let you go. I'm going to give Monster a call now. You're a great friend Wolfman.

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