Sunday, January 31, 2010

Phenomenology of Dunkadelics

Coach: Let's talk about that play you made last night.

Player: Oh, you mean that thunderous slam dunk!

Coach: No, not that one.

Player: Oh, you mean that ankle-breakin' double crossover!

Coach: Actually, yes.

Player: How balled up was that, coach! I blew past that sucka like he was paralyzed!

Coach: Actually, yeah. It was an amazing move, but it really did break the poor guys ankles. Literally.

Player: Oh...

Coach: Yeah... and after he fell over when you drove past him, he landed funny on his neck. He's actually paralyzed and in a wheelchair now.

Player: Really?

Coach: Yeah...

Player: Hahaaa! Woo! That is sick, coach! Aww yea.

Coach: I don't think you understand. This is not something you should be excited about.

Player: What do you mean coach? It was a great move.

Coach: Have you ever heard of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics?

Player: Maybe. I don't know. Is that the stuff about vices and virtues, like how virtue is a mediated, or mean, practice of an action, whereas vice is an excess or deficiency of that action?

Coach: That's right. And your move last night was not virtuous.

Player: So, what, are you saying is was "vicious?"

Coach: Well, it was an excessive move.

Player: I thought the move was magnificent.

Coach: It certainly wasn't paltry, but no. It was vulgar.

Player: I'm sorry coach, next time I'll try to not be so flashy.

Coach: Atta boy, Gilmore! By the way, how'd your philosophy midterm go?

Player: Oh I dunno. Postmodernism is confusing.

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