Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Saturday Night Activities for Christian Singles

Just because you're a Christian single doesn't mean you're a "square" or "doorknob." Truth be told, Christians can have more fun than anyone, because they can be completely sober and aware of the blessings God has given them when they hang out. One of the best times to express the joys of the Christian single life is on Saturday nights. Instead of letting your faith be a hindrance to your party, let it be your fuel!

    Movie Nights

  1. Whether it's out at the local theater for a new movie or staying in to watch DVDs, movie nights help Christian singles experience cultural engagement. Try to avoid explicitly "Christian" films that are sold only in the Family Bookstores, but don't watch R-rated movies that contain unnecessarily sexual themes. Find good films that can be enjoyed by persons of all conviction levels and can be discussed afterward. Here are some examples if you are looking for classic films that Christian singles can dissect without feeling guilty: Lord of the Rings, Narnia, The Matrix, Bruce Almighty and E.T.
  2. Improv Nights

  3. Is there anything better than laughing? Laughing with Christian friends is so much fun, you'll want to have improv parties every Saturday night. If anybody has seen Whose Line Is It Anyway?, it's easy to see how much fun improv can be. But anyone can do it, and Christians can make improv wholesome and God-honoring, too. Who needs the filthy antics of Saturday Night Live when you can create your own sketch comedy show with your Christian brothers and sisters? Even Rick Warren approves.
  4. Dance Parties

  5. Christian singles should dance with each other, but with the utmost respect and dignity for the opposite sex. Instead of going to a club that's bumping out grind-readied crunk and over-sexualized rap lyrics, check out a class for ballroom, line or square dancing. These dances can help Christians meet members of the opposite sex in a safe and fun environment. Don't host these dance parties in your own home. Go to public areas that specialize in group dancing where you will have the benefit of other couples keeping you in check.
  6. Games

  7. If your church discourages dancing, opt for an evening of competition. Head out to the local gym for a game of volleyball or stay in for group card or board games. Try to avoid gambling, though; make game night a time for fun. Faith should be kept in God, not in a roll of the dice. Try to play games that both genders can enjoy. Most Christian single ladies aren't interested in war strategy games like Risk, but they will rarely turn down Apples to Apples: Bible Edition.