Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not Godard's Weekend

On Thursday afternoon, Jamesovich and his wife, Dee, left their home city to visit friends in the state to their west. The University of Iowa is where Konrad and Aerin work towards their PhDs and Masters degrees. But though the town they lived in was one regarded for its academics and literary history, there would be no philosophical discussions on this trip. No, this weekend was about brunches, dancing, and The Temptations. The only conversations were those between friends. Networking was cast aside in place of pouring coffee pots. And even though only one member exists in the band today, there's still cause to sing along to all the hits. "My Girl," "Get Ready," "Papa Was A Rolling Stone." From the Mathematics department office window, the beers taste colder and the music sounds a little bit more reassuring. It takes two nights on an air mattress for Jamesovich and Dee to become acquainted with Iowa city, and by the time they do, it's goodbye to Konrad and Aerin for a 24 hour horror film fest at the Musicbox Theater. It's over three hours there and over three hours back, but a trip is always worth six when the only word on the itinerary is "friends". Through red and yellow leaves, the Midwest waves as they go. Not a goodbye or hello, but a perpetual welcome. No time to stop at home, bags still in the car, park a block or two away and get into that theater and out of the cold air. Black clothing and bloody projections, Cronenberg and Leatherface need paparazzi. But they can only last a little more than half a day. Sleep rem comes at the end of the night, and straight through the first part of the day. By the time it's all over, Jamesovich and Dee are watching Curb Your Enthusiasm for the fourth week in a row. The show that comes on after it is pretty good too, but it was funnier last week. Now that they're back to work, and money's coming in, life is absolutely horrible again. Why can't they just make every day a weekend?

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