Monday, October 05, 2009

Hasn't Come Out Yet: Kings of Convenience - Declaration of Dependence

Release date: October 20, 2009

Hey guys check out my band's new CD. You know me, I'm the tall, skinny guy with red hair and big glasses. Actually no. That King of Convenience is Erlend Oye. But he might be inspiring me to grow my hair out and shave my face.

Kings of Convenience came out around the same time as Kings of Leon, earlier this decade. I always confused the two, but knew that one of them sucked and the other was great. Over the past couple years, it's become all too clear which tyrants are deserving of music-lovers allegiance. (It's the Norwegians. Not the Americans.)

Declaration of Dependence is no better or less than the other two Kings of Convenience albums. It's just right. Just like the other albums were, just right. I can't think of another band who defies rank like this, but I couldn't tell you which albums were better if you held a gun to my head. "They're all good! Please don't kill me I have a wife! They're all gooood! whaaaa!"

I'm not sure why that image of violence just popped in there. Sorry.

But it's true, Quiet is the New Loud, Riot on an Empty Street, and now Declaration of Dependence are almost like a triple-album, spread out over 8 years. If you put the three albums on shuffle, there isn't a bad mix. And while I love it when a band is willing to take risks and try something new every few albums, I think it might be a mistake for Kings of Convenience to mess with something so perfect.

All it takes is two voices, harmonizing, and two instruments. Sometimes it's two acoustic guitars. Sometimes it's piano. And every now and then, they bring in some strings (but only if necessary).

Declaration of Dependence is a soundtrack to soft romance, best heard while walking down a leaf-littered city street that's lined with barren trees. Add a scarf into the mix and you become one with the music. And I'll bet it works even better in northern European countries. God, these guys make me want to move to Berlin or something. They never play in North America either. That's reason enough to move to Europe, to get a few chances to see these guys live. Let's hope they hit the States later this year. I don't care what it costs, I'll be at the Chicago show.

As with all of the other Kings of Convenience albums, Declaration of Dependence lets out dangerous emotional radiation. It will remind you of love and love lost. Keep as far away from it as possible if you've recently experienced a bad break-up. But buy it right away if you're pursuing a new relationship. Let your crush borrow it for a weekend. The Kings of Convenience make all of the lovers melt.

Watch these videos for proof of the beauty:

Mrs. Cold

Boat Behind:

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