Friday, September 11, 2009

I Lie!

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." Yeah, but sometimes I think it might be nice to knock a few walls out and create a duplex out of this shit-hole ranchhouse.

Let's have a look at our country, shall we?




Republicans hate abortion and homosexual marriage. Liberals hate George W Bush. But they all love American Idol, America's Got Talent, and reality television. Thesis: this country doesn't know the difference between entertainment and politics. It's all just a big popularity contest in America. This is why we exist, to be the best and to be right.

Right now in America, Obama is popular. So is 'So You Think You Can Dance'. But I believe that more people follow the latter than they do our President.

Every now and then, somebody tries to talk to me about health care or something. I instantly throw my hands over my face and wail like a banshee. Because here comes some contemporary American trying to tell me that they care about an "issue."



I don't know ANYBODY in this country who cares about an "issue". Myself included. All people really care about is being accepted and safe. That's it. That's the herd mentality and that's why we are the way we are. We only care about an "issue" insomuch as our support of it will indicate a relation to a larger group of self-congratulaters and choir preachers. We're Christians because we then have the church. We're political because we can then associate with a political party. We like the music and movies we like because our friends like it too.

And now even you, dear reader, are trying to tell yourself that you do care about "issues". You're getting ready to scroll down to the bottom of this post to comment and tell me just how naive and ignorant I am. You're working the words out in your head already. Oh boy are you going to tell me what's up!

Save your time. We both know all too well what a sham this country is. I don't care if you're patriotic or anarchistic, if you honestly think that politics are anything more than popularity contests, you're deranged. Politicians are not looking out for you and me, they're looking out for themselves. They're humans! They have the herd mentality too. So don't give me that. Don't even try.

So let's have a look at health care again. A man screams out at our president, disrespectfully! Oh for shame!


Oh wait, I thought I was about to talk about health care...

Nope. We don't care about health care. We care about sensation. That's why that outburst was the top story on the news today. That's why the guy shouted it. We're a culture in need of sensational media. If it's not sensational, we won't feel it. We don't want a kiss on the back of the hand, we want a dirty sanchez from a retarded midget.

If I want to understand things I have to view them in contrast. If I'm in a dark room, I search for a light. If a light is blinding me, I shield my eyes. So here's the question we have to ask right now: why are we bent on sensationalism?

I think the answer is obvious. I think we're numb. That is the pendulum swing. The only reason one would need a sensational force is because he is completely lacking a healthy sense of touch. One shouldn't need to resort to heroin, pornography or drunkenness in order to simply feel something. But that's basically America today (not literally, but the culture is all about BIG stories and WOW factors). We're out of touch with reality and ourselves. Our Christians think they're saved because they repeat phrases verbatim. Our politicians think they represent the common people and go on late night talk shows to say so. Our artists are paid millions of dollars to give people what they think they want, but never what they need.

Short answer: There isn't anything good about the history of this country. It was founded on ignorance, murder and racism. America is currently like a psychologically repressed person who won't admit that he killed his little sister's cat when they were in grade school. "Oh, that cat would be dead by now anyway, you're 40 for christsake! Stop crying!"

But I know what you're thinking, and you're right, we have come a long way. We have a black president. The Indians have casinos. Mexicans have carts. We're getting better as time goes on.

But still, we're numb. We need sensation in order to feel anything. Honestly, we wouldn't even talk about the health care speech if that guy hadn't made the sensational outburst.

(And you thought you cared about issues...)

Obama does lie. So do I. So does every single person in this world. If you don't lie, you're not a human being.

Here's what has to happen:

We need to stop arguing. Leave that stuff at the playground.

We need to lower our voices. Let children handle the random outbursts, they do a great job.

We need to have a glass of wine instead of getting wasted on beer.

I need to stop preaching.


I need to move out of this country someday. It's a ridiculous place. But don't worry, it'll always be home (ugh). And I don't think anything will dethrone Chicago as the greatest city in the world (at least not in my mind).

The irony, of course, is that I'm on the internet right now. Because when I ask myself why we're numb, I don't have to turn my head or leave my seat. Here it is. This is the problem folks, just what you're doing at this very moment. You're on the internet, living in the digital age. This is the country's Novocaine. There is information to be had here, but the sources are never trustworthy. It's not a book, you see. But you're getting your answers here anyway.

(counted to ten... breathe...)

Sorry for the rant. This whole post was a *forehead smack*. Then again, so is this country. (forehead smack)

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