Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What Came First vs What is Eternal

I went to church this weekend and heard some words thrown around.





I remembered that I had all of these glasses at home.

When the service ended, I tried them all on. They all fit. I could wear them all at the same time even.

They were all glasses. They all had slightly altered tints, but they were all glasses.

Fighting off a cold, my wife asked if I still believed in Christianity. Of course I did.

But the dualism of philosophy is not quite the same thing as the concept of dualism. Back then, dualism revealed the physical world to be temporal, and therefore of less value than the metaphysical. I've toyed around with a new dualism. The metaphysical is our eternal curse, and we need to value the physical more since we do not have it for much longer.

Sometimes I wear bifocals.

Paul argued against so many things in favor of Christianity, and in order to make his arguments he used philosophies that had come well before his newfound faith.

Much came before Christianity, and Paul knew this. He was a brilliant thinker. Sadly, even more has come before the Christians of today, but they are ignorant. Is the Christianity of today the best form yet? What about King James? What about any other time?

If it is not the best time to be a Christian, that is because we are living in the last days. THAT's why things aren't so great anymore!

"The spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual."

Said the wise apostle Paul. It should repeated. And understood.

A new Gnosticism is here.

Can we complain anymore? Can I write in the third person? Can we let the backsliders enjoy their ride and not try to stop them? Why are we still doing this? The natural came first!

And just what exactly was the natural?

Before Christianity, there was pain. Rape. Torture. Injustice. Foolishness. But dear readers... after Christianity, there is pain. Rape. Torture. Injustice. Foolishness. If Christ returns, will that make the victims feel all better? Will the resurrected say to him, "that gang-bang rape and murder of my child wasn't that bad after all! Praise Jesus!"

When we die, our children will experience pain. And Christianity will exist.

I'm not arguing against anything. Because I am stating that pain exists. There is pain, and not because I say so. If you choose to disassociate yourself and live a life of righteousness, take me with you.

How disturbing is the life of Christ. His hate for his own self was severe. Loving the world wasn't all he did. Just as light does not exist without dark, so love does not exist without hate. He knew what he was doing. He screamed at God. He died in pain.

And whether he came back to life or not, we live in pain. Accept him as savior, and live in pain. Reject the gospel, and live in pain.

If truth is only fact, then the only truth is pain. But if there is more than fact, history, philosophy, science, etc. If there is more to truth, please admit that you do not know it. Please, Christian reader. We're tired of you.

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