Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top 10 Basketball Moves

Boy am I tired. I'm actually going to fall asleep before midnight tonight. That hasn't happened since I was four. I put together a garage door opener this afternoon. It took hours. I didn't even know that it was possible to put together a garage door opener, I always thought they came with the garage. It was something else, let me tell you.

So now I feel like the only thing I can write is a list. An easy list. Something that everyone will enjoy. And I'm not going to write a sentence for every inclusion in the list, I'm just too tired for that. Be grateful for the pictures.

You've read the title. Here are the top ten basketball moves... according to Dylan Peterson

10. Offensive Boards

9. Fade-Away

8. Steal

7. Reverse Slam

6. Tre

5. The No-Look Pass

4. The Double Crossover

3. Stuffed

2. Buzzer Beater

1. The Alley-Oop

The Sickest Basketball Moves. Listed

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