Friday, August 14, 2009

Put this Virgin Mary on a Cake

Religious Cake Decorating Ideas

Religious celebrations don't always have to be somber and serious. On the contrary, a special cake will make your next Christian holiday more fun than an overnight youth group lock-in. These ideas work best for Easter, Christmas (AKA Jesus' Birthday), conversion anniversary and the National Day of Prayer.

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    Lamb Cake

  1. A cake shaped like a lamb will be a reminder of the holy lamb of God. Most bakeries know what a lamb cake is, and often have them on display, especially around Easter. There are also molds available at most grocery stores today that enable you to bake your own lamb cake at home (see "Resource" below).
  2. Frosting Message

  3. Use frosting to write a Bible verse on the top of the cake. You can ask cake decorators at the bakery to write anything you want, but make sure the verse isn't too long, unless it's an enormous cake. For an exceptionally Biblical cake, you can now buy cakes in the shape of an open book. This will actually look like an open page of the Bible, and you can eat the sweet Word of God in reverence of its inerrant authority.
  4. Plastic Bible Character Figurines

  5. You've seen a plastic bride and groom on the top of a wedding cake. You can also put plastic Bible characters on your religious cake. Once everybody has gotten a piece, give the figurine to a child who can add a Christian influence into his collection of toys. Click on the "Cake Toppers" link below to find your favorite religious symbol or character for the top of your cake.

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