Friday, August 21, 2009

Out and Hyped: Ramona Falls - Intuit

Did anyone follow Pitchfork's "Best Tracks of the Decade" thing this week? I want to hate music now. What the hell was "All My Friends" doing at number 2? I mean, it's a cool song, but the second best song of the decade? What a bizarre, stupid list. Sometimes I'd just like to go to Pitchfork's meeting room and figure out how they come up with nonsense like that.

But one of my favorite bands' tracks ended up way back at #442. "Wet and Rusting" by Menomena. The wonderful little voice you hear singing is a Portland dude named Brent Knopf. All three guys in Menomena are awesome, but I have a feeling that Brent might be the musical mastermind of the bunch.

I've come to this conclusion as a result of listening to Brent's new solo side project a few times today. Ramona Falls is the name, and the first album is called Intuit (Barsuk Records). This music is for Menomena fans who enjoy the more melodic and pop-friendly sides of the band. Fans of Arcade Fire will definitely dig Brent's multi-instrumental indie rock too. It's synth-heavy, rhythm-happy, quirky-introspective loveliness.

Dudes like Brent make me wonder how one mind can contain so many melodies. Where do his hoards of creativity come from? It's incredible, this album. From start to finish, it's like a romp for the soul.

If you want the proof, listen here. Paste, in all their good taste, decided to stream the entire album.

I'll be heading over to their show at the Chopin Theater in Chicago next month, and I'll definitely take some pictures and review the show (If I'm lucky, I'll snag an interview with Brent). But until then, get this album. If each member of Menomena decided today that they wanted to just work on solo projects, I'd be in full support of it. That's how much I like Ramona Falls.

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