Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Movies are Nice

75 comedies we should watch before we die. See what you think. It's not a bad list. Charmingly, linked each title on the list to a different blog, and they picked Total Darkness vs. Blinding Light for their selection of the classic Marx Brothers' film, Duck Soup.

I'd say that if there are a few films on the list that you haven't seen, go ahead and throw them into the old Netflix queue. I'm going to add Casino Royale and Bananas now. I never know which Woody Allen movies to add, so I'm glad that Only Good Movies narrowed it down for me.

I'm not sure how Ghostbusters was left off the list, and I would've put Life of Brian in there before The Meaning of Life too (actually, there are quite a few changes I would have made if I had the final edit...). But I guess this is a site run by people who just love movies. It's independent. There's no pressure. No pretension.

The nice thing about having a blog is the community it beckons. You don't have to make friends or connections in writing online. Networking is laid back on the blogs. So this particular post is a tip of the hat back in the direction of Only Good Movies. They took the time to find my little blog and link it to their little website, so why wouldn't I do the same? I'm all about returning favors.

There's just one thing I can't condone, and that is the watching of number 71. I think I would have preferred to die without ever having to sit through Adam Sandler oggling Fairuza Balk. That's just bad, bad, bad. I'll give you a pass this time OGM, but next time, edit the list down to 74 if it's between that or an Adam Sandler flick.

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