Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Introduction of a Story

I've always been interested in the truth. Knowing it, telling it, seeking it. For as long as I can remember, the truth has been important to me. And yet, people call me a liar. They tell me that they want nothing to do with me. They do everything in their power to ignore me. But what if I can tell them the truth? Why wouldn't they want to hear it? This is a question I ask myself every day.

Truth might not always be easy to understand, and maybe I don't know all of it myself, but I've gone through damning experiences that clearly point to truth. At least truth in my own mind. Subjective truth. Isn't that worth listening to? Isn't my story worth another person's time?

I listen to everybody's story. There isn't a book I won't read, not a film I can't watch. Why won't anybody do the same for me? Why am I such a bad guy?

Here we have a character without answers. He is passionate and intelligent. He knows that his existence is not a mistake, and he wonders about it often. Keeping his own interests in mind, the last thing he wants is for people to suffer. Any lie that he tells is not a lie to him.

If you stopped reading already, I wouldn't be surprised. This is the beginning of my self. Why should you care about that? Oh well. I guess that's just my destiny. I guess I'm either omitted or co-mitted. I'm used to that.

But I don't quit. I'm still alive, and while I'm alive I will speak up for what I believe in. If you think I'm wrong, so be it. I have seen the power of truth too many times to assume your ears are deaf. I don't want you to be ignorant. Knowledge is something every human being deserves. If you would merely accept it, I will not charge any fee.

Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?" And Jesus did not answer him. 

That wasn't because Pilate's heart was hard, but because Jesus didn't have the answer. There is no answer. And that's how smart Jesus was. Because as soon as you tell people what the truth is, they tell you you're wrong. But I will tell you my truth anyway. If you want to tell me that I'm wrong, go ahead.

Thus we see the first difference between this character and Jesus. This character speaks in straightforward, easy to understand sentences. Jesus was cryptic, telling parables or not giving responses at all. Jesus was the epitome of wisdom, but he was not the epitome of knowledge.

I have knowledge. And it wasn't given to me. I worked hard for my knowledge, and it's only because of my experiences that I am able to share knowledge with those who need it.

So who will listen to me? Today, at this moment, who will take the time to walk beside me and talk with me? How badly I want someone to travel with, someone who will not think of me as a madman or a devil.

In order for this character to find a companion, he must introduce himself to another individual. And he will. He will wander until he finds someone willing to listen. An open-minded person will come along, and will hear him out. But before that can happen, our protagonist must abandon his station. He must go out into the world and look people in the eye.

I have been to many cities, and to many more I will go. I will travel by land, air and water. To the ends of the earth I will go for just a little bit of companionship.

I've seen so much loneliness in the world, and I'm tired of it. If a woman doesn't have a husband, I want to comfort her. If a man is longing for a wife, I hope to sympathize with him. There is nothing more distracting than love. That ache of the heart that prevents workers from accomplishing their tasks, and that pain of the soul that torments a man for yet another weekend. The most useless conversations are those concerned with love lives. It's not just whining, it's utter distraction.

They say that they've been in love with someone for years, but the feelings aren't mutual or that they aren't worthy of reciprocal love. They know that they waste their time on dates, but they feel pressure to do it anyway. They watch movies and read books that remind them of the love interest who laughed when they asked for a phone number. They cry at the thought of their lost love.

There's something that people need to know about love. And I'm going to tell them. But not if they turn their cheeks from me. The one who will converse with me is the person who will wander with me, adventure with me, and weep with me. Where is this person? When will I be accompanied?

He didn't know it yet, but there was a man walking in his direction at that very moment. A man in search of truth, knowledge and wisdom. Tired from the woes of the world, he felt like a camel halfway through the eye of the needle, stuck, not sure if it would be smarter to push ahead or back out. He would soon meet our confident protagonist, and they would take a journey through light and darkness, good and evil.

The setting has been formless, but take hope in knowing that the sun has begun to rise. This is not a story about chaos, but about the attainment of understanding. Three persons exist here, but their descriptions must remain disclosed for sake of misinterpretation. Remember Jesus' response to Pilate? There is no difference today than what took place 2000 years ago. There are but a few things: truth, questions, and silence. These are the things that propel every human being. These basics of existence linger in every heart until the last moment. And whatever remains, revels in longing for these three things.

In a journey, the questions must determine the route. The final destination must always be silence. And the truth has already been told.

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This is quite a powerful piece of writing. Thank you.