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Regarding the Fanny Pack

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The fanny pack is sort of the human being's attempt at becoming a kangaroo. This saggy, funny pouch sits just below the belly. It's a vital accessory for tourists and irony-crazed hipsters. The fanny pack isn't taken very seriously in the fashion world, but that doesn't mean it can't (or shouldn't) be worn with dignity.


  1. Fanny packs become popular in the late 1980s. They were worn not only by bicyclists and tourists, but by any average young person in touch with the times. The "fanny" title came as a result of where the pack was first intended to sit. Originally, the pack was supposed to sit just above the buttocks, but eventually become more fashionable to rest on the side hip. Tourists usually wore the pack just over their crotches, and some continue to do so today.
  2. Function

  3. The fanny pack is worn like a belt around the waist. One area contains a pouch for storage. People store glasses, money, gum and various valuables that they wish to keep near when they are active. It's ideal for bicyclists and runners who do not have pockets.
  4. Types

  5. Most fanny packs are made out of relatively cheap, thin fabric and a zipper. This is the sort that athletic types and hipsters usually choose to wear.

    Other fanny packs are surprisingly expensive. Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs have all created lines of fanny packs recently. These newer, leather fanny packs usually sport a button or flap instead of a zipper. They are called Buffalo pouches in the fashion world, and are almost always worn on the side of the hip.
  6. Misconceptions

  7. Tourists are not the only people who wear fanny packs. Any stylish person can wear a fanny pack if he doesn't look lumpy while doing so. Finding a sleek fanny pack is very difficult, though.
  8. Considerations

  9. If you're a hipster, don't wear a neon retro fanny pack anymore. These are entirely associated with hipsters now, and should be retired from the ironic wardrobe. A more appropriate hipster fanny pack is associated with Native American Buffalo pouches. These are still relatively inexpensive and usually feature Native American designs on thin leather hides.



ewoh said

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on 7/26/2009 Thanks Mr. Peterson. I was just about to buy some neon fanny packs in bulk, but then I read your insightful article. I canceled my order and instead bought a couple buffalo pouches. I even saved $12.89!

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