Monday, July 13, 2009

Reevaluating Cannibalism

How many of us have eaten Jesus? Symbolically or literally, who of you have partaken in cannibalism? Oh, now you're afraid. Or you think I'm ridiculous. But dear reader, I'm not ridiculous, I never have been and I never will be. I am one of the most serious persons to have ever existed. Dear friends, we are cannibals. And if that makes you uneasy, perhaps you should stick your finger down your throat and make yourself throw up. Throw up that arm-hair and toenail in your stomach. 

But why do we eat each other? Why can't we just look at each other instead? Drinking blood is for vampires, monsters. Yet we swap saliva without soap. Who of us is dignified?

I've become a vegetarian. I eat vegetables and people. It's all healthy. Some of it goes to my bones, and some to my spirit. My community feeds me their children and I offer my blood in exchange.

The zombies who eat flesh, they are not so stupid. They are merely outcasts, truth-tellers living without hypocrisy. If we are not zombies, we are gods. Gods do not eat each other, but argue over metaphysical matters. Love is for humans, lightning is for the sky.

I've scared you so many times, and the fear you've felt hasn't been for anyone other than yourself. The things that I've said have caused you to think about those things you'd rather not ever think about. Am I the devil's advocate? Or am I the devil?

When you eat, do not use forks and knives. Use teeth and hands.

If I am afraid, I lack faith. Belief has nothing to do with it. I want to eat your flesh, if only you'd drink my blood.

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