Monday, July 06, 2009

Do You Feel Pressure in Your Face? Is Your Flesh and Bone Exposed?


When head nasal congestion hits, it can feel disabling. But there are ways to overcome the discomfort of a stuffy head.


Effective medicine for head nasal congestion relief is available at most pharmacies and grocery stores. Find the store's section for headache, sinus or cold medicine (it is available in liquid and pill form). Each medicine works differently for each person, depending on your age, size and physical makeup, but an average adult should feel relief in less than an hour after taking the recommended dosage. But always be aware of any warnings on the label, as these might relate directly to you.

Cheap Relief

Some medicine costs more, but you don't have to pay more for better relief. If you buy your head nasal congestion relief medicine at a chain pharmacy or grocery store, there will likely be generic brands of medicine right next to the name brands. These generic medicines work just as well as the major names, but television commercials will never admit that. If you want to save a few bucks on your medicine, it is wise to go with generic brands.
Also, you can buy bulk containers of medicine to save even more money on your head nasal congestion medicine. This is recommended for people with recurring allergy problems.

Recurring Symptoms

If you still feel congested after taking medicine, don't overdose. If your discomfort becomes severe, see a doctor. But only do so if regular medicine doesn't work. If you find medicine that works, use it for recurring symptoms that last longer than a week.

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