Monday, June 22, 2009

You Missed Out: Dirty Projectors For Free at Millennium Park

I feel confident saying that the girls in The Dirty Projectors are the hottest women in rock and roll today. The things they do with their voices, those harmonies, oh Lord have mercy. They're amazing. I know that every instrument we've ever created is just trying to sound like the human voice in one way or another, but these girls voices sound like something better. Their audio tennis game is so much fun to listen to, and watching them in action makes the Dirty Projectors experience even more exhilirating. If you still haven't seen the Dirty Projectors for some reason, please get on it.

More than likely though, you were at Millennium Park tonight. I haven't seen the place this packed since Andrew Bird filled the Pritzker Pavilion beyond capacity last year. I suppose tonight's full house was due to the headliners, The Sea and Cake. Chicago loves their local bands, especially when they're playing for free. Anyway, I hope you didn't miss out. It was a warm night of agreeably eclectic indie rock.

The Sea and Cake are a perfect summer festival band. If you have a blanket, some alcohol and some friends, the final ingredient for a satisfactory summer music experience is Sea and Cake post-rocking away as you laugh and drink on your plot of grass. It's the perfect background music for a fun summer evening.

Dirty Projectors, on the other hand, demand you stand up to find out what the hell your ears are experiencing. The harmonies are the sort that force you to rethink everything you thought you knew about music. Like that day in college when you first heard Modest Mouse, that feeling you got when you realized that initially weird-sounding music might be more interesting than all of that Dave Matthews and Coldplay (or replace them with Kings of Leon or Jack Johnson for an updated version of the too-popular, overrated Mtv band of the week). Hearing a new Dirty Projectors album makes you say "what is this music?" And then you turn it up.

This will probably be the biggest free show at Millinneum Park this summer, definitely more than double that of St Vincent's turnout. But I wasn't surprised. Two remarkable bands played for free in Chicago tonight, why wouldn't thousands of people be there?

Enjoy the good music, folks. Don't miss out.

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