Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Body is Not a Cage

Arcade Fire got it wrong.  They want their spirits to be set free, they think their bodies are cages. They were almost right, just a little turned around. Our bodies aren't cages, they're all good. We should take care of our bodies and make love to one another with them. In truth, it's our spirits that are the cages.

We must compare everything to the animals. By everything, I mean every aspect of what we believe makes us unique creatures in the world. If we choose to believe in things like justice, ethics, logic, spirituality and politics, we have to qualify them against the animal kingdom. The animals are nothing but bodies. Bodies of cats, bodies of dogs. Whales, lizards, snakes, salmon and giraffes. They're all bodies. And indeed, these creatures are free. It is only when we bring in our "spirit" that we find ourselves enslaved. Our spirit tells us to seek out justice. Look at the animals, they seek no justice. Our spirit tells to follow a code of ethics. Ethics does not exist to the other animals. And spirituality? Well, that's obviously a manifestation of human arrogance. 

It's easy to think that the body is a cage. Easy but stupid. Believing that the body is a cage will lead one to living for spirituality over nature. But this is so dangerous. This will lead to suicide. This will cause us to leap out of our skin, right into the supernatural lake of the afterlife. What a cursed spirit we must have! Telling us all the time that we are not meant for this world. Telling us to hope for Heaven. So how can we get rid of our spirit? How do we break free of this cage?

Today, I declare war on my spirit. By the end of the year, I hope to see it dead on the metaphysical floor. And then I will be able to live a life that isn't restricted by rules that kings and priests made up thousands of years ago. I will join the giraffe who has just escaped the zoo for Africa, and there will be bliss.

And if the spirit is supposedly eternal, I will prove that false. Nothing about me is eternal, no matter how badly I used to want it to be. My spirit is weak, and will soon be dead.

Worry not, the spirit is a liar and a taskmaster. To kill it will be the first inkling of justice a human being has ever experienced. To be back in the animal kingdom, no longer arrogant. Oh what a thought!

Next time you see a child making a mess, join in. When he cries for candy, give it to him. Do not tell him that Santa brings presents to good boys. Do not tell him that Jesus wants to come into his heart and save him. Let him bathe when he wants, let him pull the tails of cats and dogs. Don't hold his hand. Don't hit him. Don't yell at him. Don't tell him what to do. Before he even has the opportunity to accept a spirit of his own, keep the cursed possibility away from him. Just because you have one, that doesn't mean your child deserves one too.

It's either this, or we all just take medication that makes us feel numb. But my friends, we shouldn't feel numb, we should feel alive. As long as we continue to perpetuate the human spirit, we will not feel alive. Who will digress with me? Who will write the letter to Win Butler explaining his mistake?

Or am I alone on this one?

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