Saturday, June 06, 2009

Give Me a Break Day

Birthday. Meh.

People are wishing me a happy birthday on facebook and leaving voicemails. Acknowledging that I'm still alive. It's nice I guess. I'll definitely keep this tradition of a birthday Sox game, but as far as singing and cakes and presents go... meh.

If I could have my birthday wish, the human race would go extinct. Being alive for another year just reminds me of how many awful, stupid people are alive. And will continue to live even after I'm dead.

I'm starting to feel the pressure to become a full-fledged super-villain. If I don't destroy the human race, who will? It's time for us to go folks.

Oh yeah, I'm sure you're feeling really great about wishing me a happy birthday now, aren't you? "I wished him a happy birthday and he wished I would die. What a dick."


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