Friday, May 22, 2009

Tired or Drunk or Both part 1

A final exam on signage and exterior elevations. Coming around to pay me. But not one hint of best man marriage will take away the piss. It's thick.

Buffalo 66 and Blackhawk wins. Blackhawks win and LeBron is better. Basketball is the best sport, more than ever it's beautiful. B words and B B B, B B B B B B B.

For a Friday night, the people are muffled. There aren't any parties anywhere. Memorials are set up for dead veterans of war, and form fitting blouses are covered.

Let me feel you. I can touch you anywhere. On the surface. Inside. It's not rape.

A monster is an imagination. Problems are reality. Monsters don't kill, they only rile. Death isn't a problem, it's the end of reality.

We own a car, and drive it frequently. I go through the south and west side just to be around blacks. Occasionally nervousness tickles the bottom of my legs, and I hope for my own homicide.

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