Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sin, Co-sign, Repeat

Whilst dwelling in Florida, I was living in sin. It was wrong for me to be there. As a lover of art and culture, I wasted much time and space by residing in the tourism capital of the country. I couldn't be a part of the community there, and therein lied the sin.

Oh, sin. People have troubled themselves so much over this human problem. They say, "I've been struggling with sin," and "Christ can save me from my sins" like they parked in a handicap zone overnight or something.

Or, they avoid their sin by trying to find it in others. "Homosexuality is an abomination" they say with straightened backs and confident smirks. All it takes is Bible verse memorization, and they can tell everyone what's right and what's wrong. And since they know what's wrong, that means they don't do it. They've been saved; they "sin no longer."

Ah the unrepentant problem of sin. It never lets go. We feel guilty, and so we ask forgiveness. We do things that are wrong, and feel bad about them afterward. We are such ridiculous creatures. We act according to our nature, and then scold ourselves. A kid in a youth group leaves in the middle of the opening worship song to masturbate in the church bathroom. The girl singing and raising her hands in the air had a tight shirt on, and he could only stand it for so long. He knew it was wrong, but he did it anyway. At the end of the night, he rededicated his life to Christ. Only to masturbate again that night in bed, thinking about the same girl with the tight shirt.

We are civilized. Highly evolved. We have values and ethics. We are not animals.

Arrogance. We are so arrogant. We believe in good, and that we should pursue and practice it. Oh cursed awareness, damn it. Damn this awareness.

If we were animals, we wouldn't have to worry about sin. We would kill, eat, screw, sleep and play until we died. Essentially, humans aren't any different than animals, but we think we know better. We think we have answers. Math and science tell us things about the universe. Since we have some understanding, we think we're better.

So then we have ecology. We have justice. Charity and religion. Ethics and logic. All of these man-made studies, only created as a means of trying to fix what only we have corrupted. There is no use for ecology in the animal kingdom, it is naturally upheld in the circle of life. There is no use for justice outside of humans, there is only survival. Charity and religion are only necessary because of how selfish and violent people are, not because of anything nature did. And ethics and logic are ways to make us feel like superior beings, devices that make ecology, justice and religion sound important.

We want to save the world, or at least make it better. But if that's really true, the answer is not to "go green." We don't have to get saved and help usher in the kingdom. There will never be perfect justice, because, well there will always be stupid people in this world. See, the only way we can make the world a better place is global suicide. Go to the source, the root of the problems. We have to rid this earth of ourselves, because as long as we're here, it will only get worse.

Our sin is residing in a place where we have no business residing in. I am not talking about one race or religion, I'm talking about everybody. There is no correct religion, no stronger sex or race. We are all sinners, and we all have to die. If we don't, things will only get worse.

In the meantime, we will try our best to uphold things like justice, ethics, religion and ecology. We will lie to ourselves and say that it will get better. But as long as we make ourselves feel bad for having wet dreams, there is no way we'll be able to make this planet a better place. As long as we continue to so arrogantly believe that we are going to "cure poverty," we will perpetuate the shit.

The only way we can escape sin is to either die, or revert back to our natural state. We have to stop acting so pious, so intelligent. The sun will burn out someday, and life on earth will become impossible. If we think we're special, maybe we should learn how to change the temperature of the sun. Or maybe we should stop dying. If we're so important, death shouldn't be something we deal with anymore. Death is for natural things, animals and plants. Not humans, oh no, we're created in God's image and will live with Him in eternity when we die... yeah.

So go ahead, struggle with sin if you have the spare time. As for me, I'm going in for the full-time supervillain gig. This world is screwed, so let's just get it over with and destroy this repulsive human race. But while I'm trying to take over the world, don't let me listen to any Tom Petty, Sufjan or Bob Dylan. Then I'll change my mind and start to think that humans might not be so bad after all. That wouldn't be very "supervillain" of me.

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