Friday, May 29, 2009

Selling What You Need

I'm not a salesman. I am not aggressive, smiley and chipper. Whatever it is I'm selling, you can choose to buy it or not.

Sometimes there are sales.

Only buy things that you need.

If I sell something, it's because somebody wanted it enough to pay for it. I am a middleman between your cause and effect. A useless tool, in need of commission.

You can support me by buying things from me, or you can read my blog for free.

I want to see anarchy. I'm tired of capitalism. I'm tired of governments. It's all anarchy anyway, we set up governments like wallpaper. They cover reality. Tear it all off. Get in touch with reality. Don't buy anything, steal. Don't save anybody, kill. Stop lying. Stop lying.

Stop lying. Stop lying.

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