Friday, May 01, 2009

The Money Tribe

Funding is hard to come by. But if a person's ideas are valuable enough, they will be funded.

Some men work in their minds, and are sometimes paid in result. Those who pay for ideas are unable to think anything up on their own (hence the reason they pay others). They gladly pay writers, accountants and counselors to help them find meaning in their laborious lives. Those with ideas are valued by those without ideas. The difficulty is finding that producer, editor or investor who somehow knows that the idea man has something unique, something that nobody else would be able to think up. This is the valuable mind, the mind that makes money last longer. That hard earned money can only be stretched by the intellectual.

On the other end, idea men are not paying other idea men. They pay plumbers, cable guys, cab drivers and various other tradesmen. Idea men will pay good money to avoid doing menial work themselves. They avoid habits of all kinds, and never let their open minds close to any one method or lifestyle.

What differentiates the life of the mind from the life of the brawn? When does one decide to labor instead of furthering his or her education? And when does philosophy take precedence over a 401K?

Indigenous man worked. But were there classes within tribes? All of the strong men hunted, there weren't some who hunted in theory for four years while others did the real work. There weren't any who traveled with the tribe solely for journalistic purposes. All hunted. Unless they were weak or wounded. When did we begin to value the intellectual worker? Who was the first dipshit who fell for the line: "I'm not going to go on the hunt today. I'm going to stay in the cave and draw up some plans for a more efficient bow and arrow."

"Durrr, okay Eegah."

The intellectual is merely the person who doesn't want to do real work. He believes in art, writing, conversation and books. But he still believes in what he does, and wants to get paid for expressing his beliefs to those who may or may not care about them. Usually, the person who will care about the intellectual's opinions is another intellectual, who only pays compliment to intellectuals in hopes of, in turn, gaining some credibility for himself. It's all about networking. Networking and bull-shitting.

The idea men will be the death of us. If studying philosophy is preparing for death, I am double-knotted and tucked in. I pay men to fix things with their hands so mine can spend more time on a keyboard. If this were a tribe, I would be the Lucifer with rebellious tendencies. Paradise has been destroyed, and there's nothing I can do to restore it. But I still want to get paid. And if I meet the right deep-pocketed meathead, I'll buy my wife some flowers.

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The Great I'm Not said...

Your best post to date IMO.