Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Disagree

I am inclined to argue. When everybody agrees, I'm a paranoid skeptic. I have a feeling that even if everybody was right, I'd find a way to throw a wrench into the clockwork. It takes a hard heart, a stoic disposition and endurance to be disagreeable. But I have a sort of conscience, and it tells me to stand against the majority.

I could never be a preacher. Unless my congregation actively disagreed with me, and we argued during the sermon. I guess that wouldn't make me a preacher anyway. The preacher preaches. And the congregation respectfully listens. I don't want people to respect me, and want them to tell me that I'm wrong.

So here is my post. I am not going to preach, because that would just be annoying (for you and for me). If people aren't disagreeing with me, then I must not have anything interesting to say.

If you all agree with me, then I'm failing at life. I'll try to make my next post a little more disagreeable. I'll do my best.

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