Thursday, May 14, 2009

Classic Rock Becomes Us

On PBS right now, The Police are playing some sort of reunion show. Sting is singing 'King of Pain.' I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm really enjoying it.

These dudes are all middle aged, wrinkly and rich. Their crowd looks to be about a million middle aged women. As a general punk rock rule, Sting should be loathed. But man, when he sings "every breath you take," I almost turn into a homosexual.

Something is happening. (Not homosexuality. That was a joke.) The only music that makes any sense to me these days is classic rock. I can't listen to any music station in Chicago but The Drive. Today, they were playing Fleetwood Mac and I thought to myself, "this is brilliant. I've been missing out." What kind of weirdo am I turning into? The Police? Fleetwood Mac? Am I for real?

I still think that the music being made today is something special. Animal Collective, especially, is on the verge on something big. We'll see what happens to them after Lollapalooza. But more and more, I'm beginning to think that everything after the '60s has just been rehash.

It all comes down to these big three: Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Beach Boys. It'd be hard to find an artist from the past 40 years who hasn't been influenced by one, if not all, of those musical powerhouses. They completely owned the '60s. They set the stage for the future of rock and roll. And I don't want to hear about Elvis. That dude was all show, no heart.

If you check out the first song on the playlist to the right, I put a Creedence Clearwater Revival song at the top. Proud Mary. So great. Does music like this exist anymore? Can a timeless melody be written? Or are we going to have to settle for Lil' Wayne and the Black Eyed Peas? It's like everybody is trying to be Elvis. If you can be a controversial, semi-talented idiot, you can be rock star. I guess nothing ever changes. Thanks for your legacy Elvis. Ya douche.

I'm not interested in going to any reunion tours this summer, because the best show still happens when you're one of 50 people in a tiny bar, experiencing something new. The Police are old. They don't represent rock and roll anymore. Rock and roll requires youth and rebellion. I think there's still a little bit left in me. But this hardcore shit is just stupid. Passion and aggression my ass. It all sounds the same.

I'm an old man. Where's my gray hair?


Abrupt Bonus Post - a dream.

Last night, I dreamt I was walking around outside on stilts. I was ten feet up in the air. The sun was going down, and it was getting dangerous. I saw a wolf come out, it jogged towards me. I was nervous, but I hoped that I would be safe up on the stilts. It attacked the bottom of my stilts, and tore them to shreds. I was terrified. I fell to the ground, where the wolf was growling. I think I woke up after that. And it's a good thing too, because getting tore up by a mean old wolf would not be very much fun. No sir.

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