Friday, April 24, 2009

What Makes A Best Man?

This will have to be a short blog post, because it's been a busy day and the start of a busy weekend. But my best man drove down here today to spend the weekend with us. We'll all drive back up to Chicago together on Monday. It really is the best way to go back home. Caravan with friends.

My best man was (and still is) Matt Mackowiak. He's an amazing human being. Before I got married, he and I teamed up hundreds of times for the sake of creating some wonderful memories. I won't share any of them in detail right now, but rest assured, there will be stories of Matt and Dylan on this blog. This measly little post will act as the coming attractions release.

Matt and I met during our first years of high school. It was the result of matching "christian punk rock" t-shirts. I had never met anyone my own age who even knew what Cornerstone was, but Matt Mackowiak was everything I ever could have hoped for in a high school friend. I'll explain what I mean later.

I was arrested twice in my life. Once by myself, and for something so boring (driving on an expired license). The second time was with Matt. We were apprehended together. What did Matt and I do to get our names in the weekly police blotter? This is a good story, and will be told in due time.

Matt took me to a haunted cemetery one freezing winter night. It turned out to be the most terrifying night of my entire life. I had never run so much before. This is an unbelievable story, but it must be told. It's about fear and friendship, and the bonds that are created amidst life's most perilous situations.

Matt and I almost died in the Smoky Mountains. The two of us went on a camping trip together before I got married. This story involves storms, bears and a mentally challenged naked man running around in the forest. I can't wait to write this one.

We also took a road trip to Philly. While there, we ate cheese steaks.

There are too many stories to count. When Matt and I get together, ridiculous things happen. Before the weekend ends, I'll probably have a new one. This is the first and only time that Matt and Dylan will take on Florida, and I can't imagine anything less than craziness. Stay tuned.

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david aubrey said...

Arrested twice? Now I'm curious.