Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad Ideas Are More Fun

I've had so many ideas today. In the shower, grocery shopping and driving, I've been shouting "eureka!" every five minutes. But with each new idea, the previous revelation is replaced. My most recent idea was writing a blog post about all of the ideas I had today. I wish I could provide some examples, but what you read is what you get. This is the current idea that has replaced all of the others.

My wife and I were talking about who has more ideas, me or her. We basically concluded that I have more ideas, but the vast majority of them are bad. She has more good ideas. Now, it could be a result of my ever-increasing insanity, but I like running with a bad idea much more often than a good one. Good ideas bore me. They remind me of white-collar go-getters. Good ideas are for yes-men. I'm not a yes-man. I'm not a no-man either, but I love a good perplexity. There's nothing like the look on my wife's face when I say something like, "let's move our bed into the dining room and sleep there instead." or, "I took all of the art in the house down and put it in the spare bedroom."

But I still don't think I've figured out what a "good idea" is. Maybe that's already obvious, but does a "good idea" have to be logical? What if I'm making a gut reaction in a fast-paced environment, is there time to really evaluate between good and bad ideas? Of course, the most popular answer of the 21st century is "it's all relative," so maybe my bad ideas aren't as awful as I think.

I just watched Being John Malkovich again. I can't help but wonder, did Charlie Kaufman act on a "good idea" when he wrote that script? If I were him, I'd be writing each line with crossed eyes. When Kaufman brought his story to producers, did they respond with nodding heads and affirming grins? I doubt it. It must have been intense perplexity. They couldn't have considered it a "good idea" to make the movie. But they did it anyway. But the most fascinating part of that decision is a classic film.

My friend Jess recently told her online friends that she and her husband had a conversation about what the world would be like if everybody's head was a cupcake. I found this interesting, and wanted to take part in the conversation. Of course, a cupcake for a head isn't just a "bad idea," it's downright ridiculous. But why not run with it? Why not take the conversation as far as it can go? What's so bad about a "bad idea"?

Maybe it's because a bad idea wastes time. Maybe a bad idea does some sort of damage to an individual. But who's to say that a good idea can't do the same thing? If someone acts on a good idea, it could result in the creation of the atomic bomb. Or was Einstein actually toying with "bad ideas?" I don't know.

Not many people read this blog yet, but if you do, I want to hear your best "bad idea." Something that you actually might go to work on. Something that will make your parents say "what the hell were you thinking?" Or better yet, something that might get you labeled a heretic.

Because, after all, heretics are only heretical while they're alive. But very often, a dead heretic is later remembered as a saint.

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The Great I'm Not said...

Some of my bad ideas include:

-Spending half of my income on lottery tickets. Terrible idea until I win.

-Start my own religion.